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Victory Fire: Explained by the Cast 03 by sulfurbunny Victory Fire: Explained by the Cast 03 by sulfurbunny
Book 2: Rising Tide

Summary: The end of the Shadow Incident was far from the end of Cipher. It has recently been discovered by the wanderer N that Cipher had a second lab, and their evil plot went far deeper than anyone anticipated. With the rising threat of shadows closing in N calls upon his closest friend, Mewtwo, to help him put an end to the Shadow Project once and for all. (Pokemon BW, Pokemon RB)

Innocent of these darker designs, Jen, Gengar, and Kecleon arrive at Great Canyon, only to find Xatu has moved away some time ago. They have little time to consider their next move, the Houndoom pack is closing in once again, and the companions are forced to flee with questions yet unanswered.

Knowing their resources are growing thin, physically and mentally, the group agrees to seek out help from the guild in Treasure Town. After a grueling incident in a treacherous swamp, Gengar, fearing the worst, opens up and tells his companions about his pokemon partner, and what led him to being in his current form. Far from driving Jen away as Darkrai had led him to believe, the girl instead finds the good in Gengar's actions to save his pokemon friend, and their friendship grows all the closer as they continue on to Treasure Town.

With Treasure Town finally in sight, the group needs only to cross one last obstacle: a flooded moor. Unfortunately, One-Eye has outwitted them this time and managed to cut ahead with the help of Murkrow. He launches a surprise attack and wounds Gengar severely. With Gengar now unable to continue, Kecleon abandons the pair and makes for Treasure Town on his own, hoping to gain the aid of the Explorer's Guild to turn the tide...

Book 1, part 1
Book 1, part 2

Book 2, part 1
Book 2, part 2
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