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Victory Fire: Explained by the Cast 02 by sulfurbunny Victory Fire: Explained by the Cast 02 by sulfurbunny
Book 1: The Girl and the Ghost

Summary: XD001 was purified and so closed the second Shadow Incident. (Gale of Darkness) What people never realized was that... Cipher had nastier things in store for the world. Years after Cipher has fallen our story opens on the Shadow Pokemon, XD003, Victini, who has her sights on making a human the final cog of a bigger, monstrous machine. And she's using Darkrai to do it. (PMD2)

Jen wakes in a place she doesn't know, in a Pokemon body she cannot explain. Caught up in a whirlwind adventure right from the start, Jen is fated to meet the most unexpected of friends, and foes, along the way. Including a Gengar who shares more of Jen's problems than meets the eye; he's human. Gengar with his Dream Eater abilities quickly becomes Jen's protector when Darkrai invades her dreams with terrifying nightmares.

The girl and the ghost travel together to find Xatu the sage, hopefully to find the answers Jen needs to get back home. Along the way they are chased by a relentless Houndoom pack, and meet a friendly Kecleon who then acts as their guide. Kecleon himself is an agent of the pokemon Celebi, who is already moving to counter the evil she believes Darkrai is doing.

XD003 is not so easily outwitted, and takes steps to get rid of Gengar. XD002 (Darkrai) attempts to make the ghost leave through blackmail. If Gengar will not leave, everything about his past, his curse, and his former pokemon partner, will be revealed to Jen the next night. (PMD1) With his strength wearing thin from long nights of standing watch over the girl, it seems Gengar will have no choice but to leave his new found friend.

Book 1, part 1
Book 1, part 2

Book 2, part 1
Book 2, part 2
SilverSage96 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
I just found this, this is the absolute best. XD
sulfurbunny Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
I need to get off my butt and do the newer ones. lol
SilverSage96 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015
Please do, these are hilarious, and a good way for someone who has little knowledge of the games to catch up a bit.
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