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EDIT: To the person who just sent Night $20 with a request for a Mareep:

You have technically missed the boat to be in the group pic, but I'll put you in anyway if you let us know who you are! You didn't provide a username or any contact info and I've not found any messages from you here or on SJ :( 

and now that I have your attention...

The Picture is complete. I have listened to entirely too much Alestorm over these last twelve days. Buy Back Through Time if you like Scottish pirate metal. Yes, one of the tracks is called "Death Throes of the Terrorsquid", and yes you want it. You gobsh*te.

this sort of thing is why I'm not normally allowed to write the journals

Downloading your characters

* If you are a FINAL EVOLUTION or SINGLE-STAGE NON EVOLVING POKEMON (ex: Blaziken, Darkrai, Stunfisk), you are in this file.
* If you are a FIRST OR SECOND STAGE NFE POKEMON (ex: Eevee, Pikachu, Metang), you are in this file.
* If you are NOT A POKEMON (including Gijinkas and all Trainers whether accompanied by Pokemon or not), you are in this file. sorry, this one's 39mb, gonna take a while!!!*

The files are compressed zips of Photoshop documents (.PSD), so you will need graphics software that can open those. I'm pretty sure GIMP can do that, and it's free. EDIT: No it can't, two people so far have failed to get GIMP working. Screw GIMP. EDIT EDIT: Tigeress713 has posted step by step instructions about using GIMP to get your character, see the comments! If you don't have anything else and can't install GIMP for some reason actually it does work probably, I can extract your character for you and give it to you as a PNG or something but please do it yourself if you can because I'm really not up to doing that for all 70+ of you.

If your entry included multiple characters, download the file relating to the FIRST or MAIN character submitted.

Using your stuff

Special note here regarding FurAffinity. I am aware that FurAffinity has a different culture about reposting stuff drawn by other people (you're not technically supposed to do that here on DA, not that it stops anyone). I just want to make it clear: if you are a FurAffinity user and want to repost your character art on your account there, that is fine by me. Go ahead.

You're all also free to crop, edit, make avatars, banners, whatever, with your character art. You bought em, they're yours.

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YOUR ONLINE!!!Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] 
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So I just discovered Victory Fire... I'M IN LOVE! You just gained a watcher!
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Im loooving Victory Fire.. Keep up the good work!
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This has to be the best thing to ever be associated with MS paint...
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omg omg i found you omg i read your comic before now i watch you omg!
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I'm up to page 70 of your comic, and finding it rather enjoyable. Excellent work with facial expressions and posings!
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your comic is really really amazing. this is the best comic i have ever seen. the characters are interesting, your artwork is beautiful and the whole idea of the comic feels very new. when reading the comic i feel very immersed.   
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Just wanted to say: I think your comic is genius
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Hey~ Quick question if you don't mind~

What are the dimensions for the VF pages? I just love the size oAo!
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